UK detains five in pursuit of Nigerian oil ministry laundered funds


 Nearly half a dozen suspects, including the former Minister of Petroleum Resources of Nigeria, were swept up by UK authorities in a crackdown on corruption coordinated with Nigerian President Muhammed Buhari. According to multiple media accounts, Britain’s National Crime Agency … read more

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Nigeria hoping for sea change with Africa’s answer to Dubai


 BAR Beach in Lagos was once a meeting place for the people of this sprawling megacity. Informal bars stretched along the narrow belt of sand, church groups came to pray, children played in the water and touts, prostitutes and others … read more

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Nigeria Reaches Milestone: No Polio Cases for a Year


 The World Health Organization announced Friday that Nigeria has been removed from the list of polio endemic countries, a key step in the eradication of the disease. The organization said Nigeria had gone more than a year without a recorded … read more