Bad cop? Nigeria’s police seeks to clean up its image


 Nigeria’s police force, widely seen as corrupt and inefficient, has launched a scheme to improve its negative image to address public complaints against bad cops, its spokesman said today. The Complaints Response Unit (CRU), launched last Friday, is the first … read more

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Naming and Shaming – Port Harcourt is the world’s worst airport


 The worst airports to set foot in have been named for this year. Have you ever dreaded getting off the plane and to endure some moments of gloom? Nigeria’s port Harcourt International Airport has had the misfortune of being crowned … read more

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Change to US passports is coming that could affect American expats


 Frequent overseas travelers might want to check their passports. The State Department said Thursday it is about to end the practice of adding new pages to existing passport books. Starting Jan. 1, adults running out of space for new visas … read more