Nigerian Army in Maiduguri

Nigerian troops recover vehicle loaded with bomb


 Nigeria military authorities said a jeep full of Improvised Explosives Devises (IED) was among the weapons recovered by troops conducting Cordon and Search Operations after suicide bombing attacks on Zabamari Muna near Maiduguri, Borno State on Saturday. The recovery followed … read more

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Alara – Luxurios in Lagos


 Designer store catering to “the flamboyance of the Africans” brings modern African luxury to Nigeria’s rich. Take a sought-after architect, add the king of “new Africa cuisine” and a smattering of famous designers, and you get a concept-store in Lagos … read more

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Substandard drugs pile on Nigeria’s malaria burden


 Efforts to curb the serious malaria problem in Nigeria could become more challenging due to the rampant use of sub-standard medicines, a new study suggests. The study conducted in Enugu metropolis, south-east Nigeria, by researchers from University of Nigeria and … read more