Child’s horrific story of slaughter and slavery in Nigeria…


 Solomon has a simple ambition: “I would like to know what life is.” The 15-year-old has faced so much horror that he has spent his entire childhood just surviving. Now for the first time in years he is safe. He … read more

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Why plans for a dream Eldorado city in Lagos are not radical enough


 The government of the state of Lagos–Nigeria’s commercial capital–has proudly proclaimed it is building a new city that will become the new financial centre of Nigeria, and perhaps West Africa. The scale of the Eko Atlantic project is immense and … read more

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Repatriation Blues: Expats Struggle With the Dark Side of Coming Home


 Nobody tells you about this part. Expats are good at preparing for their next exciting post, whether it’s in Burundi or Boston. They’ll study the language, find the best place to live, read up on the food, the climate, and … read more