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U.S. Charges Nigerian Who Jumped White House Fence (25 Oct 14)
Suspect's father states that his son was paranoid and hears voices  More...

Song Released For Return Of Kidnapped Nigerian Girls (25 Oct 14)
Michelle John collaborates with famed producer Chris Cameron for Bring Back Our Girls  More...

Nigerian drug mule left to die in Spanish airport over Ebola fears (24 Oct 14)
After the cocaine bags he was carrying inside his body  More...

Nigeria got it right, US got it wrong (24 Oct 14)
The US had overconfidence in their ability to stop it  More...

Power Surge Ignites Fire at Lagos Airport (24 Oct 14)
Fire engulfed the second floor of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport   More...

Ebola: Nigeria pledges 600 volunteers (24 Oct 14)
To help fight the worst outbreak of Ebola on record which has killed nearly 5 000 people  More...

60 women feared kidnapped in Nigeria's Adamawa (23 Oct 14)
"40 women from Waga Mangoro and another 20 in a raid on Garta,"  More...



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We get lots of emails asking us about healthcare facilities, health insurance, medical risks and treatments in Nigeria.

We have put together a quick guide that covers the most frequently asked questions we have received on this subject. You can read it here...


An emerging threat? Piracy And the Gulf Of Guinea

West Africa has seen a steady growth in pirate attacks in recent years, with reported incidents of piracy increasing 42 percent in 2011.

Given the Gulf of Guinea’s relative economic importance, this piracy, if left unchecked, may have a surprising impact not only regionally, but globally

Nigeria: A Retailer's Market

Lured by its clear potential – a large population, positive macro-economic growth and a strong appetite for consumer goods – chains both foreign and local are dramatically expanding their domestic retail footprint.

The lifting of an eight-year ban on the import of garments in December 2011 has also opened the door to foreign brands

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People Demand Protection From Their Police

The Boko Haram violence (which has left over 1,600 dead in the last three years) has caused a national uproar over the general lack of law and order throughout the country and the continuing government corruption that is at the core of all that is wrong in the country

the Militias Are Massing

The army is providing equipment and advice to churches and mosques to assist in defeating terror attacks. Off the coast of the Niger River Delta, attacks on service boats (for offshore wells) are increasingly common. But the menace of Boko Haram continues to be the main focus for all Nigerians and observers.

Please Don't Fight back

The U.S. has offered Nigeria assistance in going after drug smuggling and distribution gangs. Nigeria has accepted, in part because al Qaeda, and possibly Boko Haram, have become allies of the drug gangs. This was not done because the Islamic radicals approve of drugs (they don't, officially) but because it’s a quick way to obtain lots of cash to finance terrorist

War on Christians Escalates

Boko Haram related violence has left over 700 dead so far this year. Boko Haram keeps warning Christians to either convert to Islam or die. Moslem and Christian leaders are giving more speeches about avoiding religious warfare. The Christians in the south have restrained themselves and not retaliated (much) against their Moslem minority. But in the north???

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