Tale of the tanker: 7-ton Nigerian truck stuck in Tallahassee


 Meet the bowser, a navy blue 7-ton, 10-foot-high, 25-feet-long Ford F750 jet refueling truck. Across its tank in white lettering are the words “Nigerian Air Force.” The hulking machine sits in the driveway of Justice Chuku on Thomasville Road, leaking … read more

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Nigeria ranks low as countries with the best and worst reputations for 2016 revealed


 As terror incidents cause tourism to cool off in Turkey and social media spreads images of US police shootings, a country’s reputation has perhaps never been so easily made and broken. That is the warning from a study which ranks … read more

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Polio back in Nigeria two years after being wiped out in Africa


 Just as Africa was due to celebrate two polio-free years, it has been announced that the virus has paralysed two children in Nigeria’s Borno state. The decline of polio in Africa is thanks to a huge public health effort. When … read more



Predicting Nigeria’s Floods, There’s Now an App for That


 A new smartphone app aims to keep Nigerians one step ahead of flooding during the annual rainy season. The “WetIn app” is free to download for Android phones and gives users in three flood-prone Nigerian states advanced notice when an … read more

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From ‘Netflix of Nigeria’ to ‘Nollywood’ producer


 When 36-year-old Nigerian entrepreneur Jason Njoku talks about em­bracing failure, he is speaking from experience. He had 10 start-up dead ends before co-founding iROKOtv in 2010 in an apartment in Lagos. He looks back at them as blessings in disguise. … read more


Katsuya Takasu

Japanese doctor gave Nigeria’s Olympics soccer team $390,000 for bronze medal


 After defeating Honduras in the third place match at the Olympics soccer event on Saturday (Aug. 20), Nigeria’s players ended up with bronze medals on their necks and thousands of dollars in their pockets—thanks to Katsuya Takasu, a Japanese plastic … read more