ISIS recruitment: “Beware of those who arrange visas” – NIS warns Nigerians


 The Nigeria Immigration Service, NIS, yesterday said there is a syndicate in Nigeria that recruits young Nigerians for the terrorist group, Islamic State of Iraq, Syria, ISIS. NIS disclosed that the syndicate process travelling documents and visas for those it … read more

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Nigeria champagne

Do Nigerians really drink as much champagne as the French?


 What do Africa’s super-wealthy spend their money on? Much the same things that rich people around the the world do: cars, houses and champagne, according to a BBC Africa report on the shopping habits of rich Africans. Starting at the … read more

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Repatriation Blues: Expats Struggle With the Dark Side of Coming Home


 Nobody tells you about this part. Expats are good at preparing for their next exciting post, whether it’s in Burundi or Boston. They’ll study the language, find the best place to live, read up on the food, the climate, and … read more