Thousands return to Nigerian town after Boko Haram ouster


 Thousands of Nigerian refugees, who fled to neighboring Cameroon in 2014 to escape Boko Harm militants, have returned to the liberated northeastern town of Gamboru only to find their homes and their livelihoods destroyed, residents and officials told AFP Friday. … read more

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Naming and Shaming – Port Harcourt is the world’s worst airport


 The worst airports to set foot in have been named for this year. Have you ever dreaded getting off the plane and to endure some moments of gloom? Nigeria’s port Harcourt International Airport has had the misfortune of being crowned … read more

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Meanwhile in The US…. racial discrimination has been made legal


 The United States has begun implementation of changes to the Visa Waiver Programme. Just like the Nazi government had a system to see which Germans were ‘real Germans’ and which Europeans were not lives worth keeping, (creating 1st, 2nd and … read more