Rights group urges Nigeria to repeal anti-gay law


 A new report says Nigeria’s draconian law against gays has led to mob attacks, police torture, evictions, public whippings and health risks, and asks the country’s new president to repeal the legislation. The Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act became law … read more

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Higgledy-piggledy in Apapa


 What this writer saw and experienced at Apapa on 24 June, 2015 is no more gridlock in the area. The gridlock has snowballed into chaos. If anyone is in doubt, such a person should visit Apapa after reading this piece. … read more

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Substandard drugs pile on Nigeria’s malaria burden


 Efforts to curb the serious malaria problem in Nigeria could become more challenging due to the rampant use of sub-standard medicines, a new study suggests. The study conducted in Enugu metropolis, south-east Nigeria, by researchers from University of Nigeria and … read more