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10 Things Nigerian Customs must not find in your baggage

It’s normal to see Nigerian Customs Officers at every International Airport in the country. If you are returning to Nigeria from overseas with a light or heavy baggage, you will be searched thoroughly to make sure you are not carrying forbidden or restricted items.

Every Nigerian love souvenirs, they buy and carry as much as they can. An unforgettable journey isn’t perfect without taking some souvenirs home for our families and friends. However, you should be careful with things that could land you in trouble at the point of entry, as Nigerian customs have special ways of searching for prohibited items in your baggage.

If you want to save yourself some good money, time and from embarrassment at the airport, here are 10 things Nigerian customs must not find in your baggage:

1. Fresh or Preserved Foods
Am not sure people would want to carry fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals and eggs, and persevered foods all the way from another country to Nigeria. However, such items are prohibited.

2. Jewellery and Precious Metals
No Nigerian will ever want to skimp on keepsakes like jewellery, however, it is advisable to be careful on the type of jewellery you buy when you travel. Precious metals or stones are quite expensive. If you are travelling with them, it is better to declare to the customs on arrival.

3. Hard Drugs

Checking baggages for hard drugs and cocaine has become the main reason why security is so tight and strict at the International airport. Bodies and baggages are thoroughly searched for hard drugs and cocaine and if it is discovered on your body or in your bag, you will be arrested by the Law Enforcement and may end up in jail.

4. Guns, Firearms and Explosives

All firearms and ammunition are prohibited in carry-on and checked baggage. You are not permitted to carry explosives too. If you are carrying a gun, it is better to declare at the point of entry and you must have permits for the ammunition.

5. Sharp Objects
Sharp objects, which are capable of causing injury are things Nigerian customs must not find in your baggage. Knifes, hatchets, arrows and darts etc. are not allowed.

6. Money

Money Laundering in Nigeria is a crime. Therefore if you are carrying a cash value exceeding $5, 000, you may be prosecuted.

7. Gifts and Souvenirs Exceeding a Value of N50,000.00
Gifts and souvenirs exceeding a value of N50, 000 are prohibited items; excluding items like camera, smartphones and other luxury goods.

8. Pharmaceutical products

Even though, some pharmaceutical products can be carried in a checked baggage, when such products are in bulk, they may be seized.

9. Beer, Stout and Sparkling Wines

Imported beer, stout and sparkling wines should not be in your baggage as the Nigerian customs will seized them.

10. Live Animals

Live Animals such as dogs and cats must be accompanied by rabies and health certificate issued by a certified veterinary. Other types of live or dead animals are prohibited.

It’s very important to check your bags prior to travelling to make sure you are not carrying any prohibited or restricted item.

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