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Q: How easy is it to find daily supplies?

A: Most everyday needs can be met here. The selection at larger supermarkets like Shop Rite, Spar and Park & Shop.  Often though we do still have to go to more than one location for all the items on our shopping list. There is no such thing as a Safeway or a Wall Mart here.

Q: Can I find toiletries and make-up in Nigeria?

A: Soaps, shampoos, shaving needs and deodorants are all freely available but if you just can’t live without a particular brand of additive free toothpaste or the like then we suggest you bring it with you.

Make-up for fair skin can be a problem depending on where you live. Again if you are stuck on a particular brand you may want to bring in enough to see you through to the end of your first trip in case it’s not available here.

Q: Where can I find nice clothing in Nigeria?

A: We have been asking the same question for years and finally it is getting better. The selection has greatly improved in recent years.  International and local brands are being snapped up in malls, markets and boutiques in the major hubs of this country.  However – sizes and stocks are sometimes limited so if you like it, buy it.  It may not be there tomorrow.

Many still operate on this rule of thumb however….  Don’t expect to find anything here. Bring all that you need with you and then anything nice that you do stumble across will be an added bonus.

Q: Are things more expensive in Nigeria than back home?

A: It’s all relative to where you are from. Some things are cheaper than others.

Cigarettes are still comparatively  cheap here for most Oyibos. This is making it very difficult for our Chief Oyibo to quit.

Imported wines can also be very good value for money which is also not doing any favours for the Chief’s liver.

Compared to Europe and the US, petrol and diesel is a steal even with the recent increase in prices.

Luxury items such as cars and computers do tend to cost more.

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