Electrics & Appliances

Q: I am moving to Nigeria from The States. Will my appliances work there?

A: The power supply in Nigeria is 220 Volts. Unless specifically requested, all North American appliances are 110 Volts. To use your old appliances you will need a voltage transformer. These are available to purchase here.

Q: How frequent are the power cuts?

A: Very!!! But it will really depend on where you live. Some areas of the country can be without power for weeks on end. Most people maintain at least a small generator at home for just such emergencies.

Q: Is there a good selection of appliances and electronics for sale in Nigeria?

A: There is a large selection of electronics available on the market here. They tend to be slightly more expensive than Europe or the US but….. If you absolutely cannot live without your Bang & Olufsun sound system—you’ll have to bring it with you.  that stuff costs a fortune here

The same thing goes for most high end computer related products too.

Q: I’ve heard that different TV’s work in different countries. What’s that all about?

A: Nigeria works on the European Pal system. Again, standard North American TVs will not be viewable here. They will work for viewing US bought videos or DVDs however. Multi system, (meaning; works world wide,) are easily available here so don’t panic about missing your sports or soap operas.

Q: Won’t the regular power cuts damage my computer and electronics etc?

A: In a word…. YES! We would definitely recommend purchasing some kind of UPS, (Uninterrupted Power Supply,) to run your PC from. It is also a good idea to have that hooked up through a voltage regulator. That should also help to prevent any damage from power surges or spikes. We would recommend regulators for all things electric.

Q: What about replacing and repairing my electronics?

A: Like most things here, finding a good repair guy tends to be a word of mouth thing. Spare parts can also be a problem.

Our rule of thumb is…. If it’s tough to find the part back home then it could prove to be impossible here. If in doubt, bring it with you.

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