UK Nurse Who Used JuJu to Snare Nigerian Sex Slaves in Germany Faces Jail

Josephine Iyamu’s case is the first successful prosecution of its kind in the UK.

British nurse Josephine Iyamu, 51, has been convicted at Birmingham Crown Court of leading a gang which used “juju” rituals to trick Nigerian women into becoming sex slaves in Germany.

Her trial, which lasted 10 weeks, heard evidence from one of women she had trafficked from Nigeria to Germany and exploited for prostitution.

They gave evidence via a video link from Germany, where they are now living in safety, and several other witnesses in Nigeria gave evidence using the same method.

Madam Sandra

Iyamu, who was known as Madam Sandra, employed a juju priest to carry out a black magic ritual designed to exert control over the women.

They were forced to drink blood containing worms, eat chicken hearts, have their skin cut with razor blades and made to take an oath.

The women all fervently believed their families would suffer dire consequences if they broke the oath because of the magical power of the juju ritual.

Iyamu and her gang then organized for the women to be trafficked across North Africa, then by boat to Italy, and eventually on to Germany where they were set up in brothels.

Along the way the women were often raped and saw other migrants drowning or being beaten.

Iyamu, who was born in Liberia, is the first British national to be convicted under the Modern Slavery Act for an offense which involves victims who have no connection to the UK.

Her husband, Efe Ali-Imaghodor, 60, was acquitted of perverting the course of justice.

Tip-off From Police in Germany City of Trier

The UK’s National Crime Agency began investigating Iyamu in July last year after the German police in the city of Trier pointed to her being the ringleader of the sex trafficking network.

NCA officers tracked her down to a flat in Bermondsey, south London, where she was working as an agency nurse.

Despite her modest income she frequently travelled to Europe and had a large home and servants in Benin City in Nigeria.

The trial heard she fooled young Nigerian women intothinking they would be going toa better life inEurope and charged them upto 38,000 euros (US$44,000) each forthe privilege.

But her accomplices inGermany forced them intoprostitution inorder topay offthe debt they owed her.

Iyamu and her husband were arrested inAugust last year when they arrived atLondon’s Heathrow airport fromLagos.

Her cellphones were found tohave made and received thousands ofcalls and messages fromher victims inGermany.

Tried To Bribe And Intimidate While In Custody

NCA Operations Manager, Kay Mellor, said Iyamu tried totrace and intimidate the victims and their families when she was incustody and also tried tobribe law enforcement officers.

“Josephine Iyamu is a calculated individual who used her apparent status asa rich, powerful and influential lady tointimidate and manipulate vulnerable women,” said Ms. Mellor.

“With zero regard fortheir safety and wellbeing, she sent them viadangerous routes toGermany and forced them towork inbrothels tofund her own lifestyle.To her, these women were not human beings seeking a better life. They were merely a commodity which she could exploit togenerate income forherself. I commend the bravery ofthe five women who came forward and recounted the abuse they suffered. Thanks tothem, Iyamu will no longer pose a threat toothers,” said Ms. Mellor.

“It is hard todescribe how these women had tosuffer ontheir trip toGermany. In every meeting withthem it became apparent what anguishes they had toget throughand all ofthem are still suffering,” said Mario Lahn, the German police’s lead investigator inTrier.

Iyamu will be sentenced onWednesday, July 4.

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