Spanish Police arrests two Nigerians for forcing women into prostitution

Spanish police, on Sunday, announced the arrest of two Nigerians, a man and a woman accused of luring young Nigerian ladies into prostitution in European countries and holding down under the spell of Juju.

The two suspects were reportedly arrested on a warrant issued by Norway after a Nigerian woman lodged a complaint against them in Oslo.

According to the Spanish police, the duo promised their victims, said to be living in extreme poverty, a job and that they would cover their travel expenses. They would then force them to become prostitutes.

According to reports, the young Nigerian, who filed the complaint, was lured in 2011 to Spain by a woman who promised her work.

She was however reportedly kidnapped and kept in an apartment on the southern edge of Madrid. Her abductor then allegedly forced her to work as a prostitute in several Spanish cities, as well as Bordeaux in France and finally Oslo, claiming she was owed a 60,000-euro ($66,000) debt).

“The ‘madam’ and her accomplices had control over her, using all methods of aggression and threats and resorting to traditional Juju voodoo practices, including animal sacrifices,” the police said.

According to the reports, the victims are forced by their abductors to take a pledge of obedience, persuading them into believing would make them fall ill or become insane if they fail to obey.

The two suspects were reportedly arrested at their home with police finding false identity documents and several objects linked to the rituals there.

Similarly, six Nigerians, including four women, were convicted in France last month over similar charges.

Also in June, Spanish police dismantled a trafficking ring that they said used voodoo rituals to force women into prostitution.

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