S – Pidgen English

To know (Portuguese)

Sabi book

Sake of say
The reason is

Sake of what?
Why should that be?

Sapele water
Native gin

Is it not that e.g Say na you be di Oga?

Say wetin
Why? 2. What?

Isn’t it?

See Pepper
What a mess/problem!

See trouble!
What a mess/problem!

Shake bodi
Spend some money 2. Pay the bill

Cooked sheep or cow intestine

Sharp mouth
Sharp tongue 2. Gift of the gab

Shine shine

Short knicker

Show face
Turn up at a function, place

Small chop
Snacks eg Chin Chin, Peanuts

Small time
Quickly 2. Before you know it

Gently . Also Sofri sofri. 2. Little by little

So so
Something always being done e.g. Na so so drink e dey drink

Very good

Stay yua own
Keep to yourself

Stock Fish
Dried fish

Strong head
Stubborn, persistent

Suffer man
Poor man

Suppose fit
Should be able to

Spicy barbecued beef or chicken

Swit mout
Sweet tooth 2. Flattery (sweet mouth)

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