Nigerian artist features in Beyonce’s visual album, Lemonade

Nigerian-born, Brooklyn- based artist, Laolu Senbanjo is back again with yet another huge gig. This time, his work was featured in Beyoncé‘s recently released visual album, Lemonade.

Fresh off his megawatt collaboration with Nike, which saw the talented artist creating and displaying some gorgeous artwork, the talented artist is showing no signs of stopping with his new Beyonce collaboration.

Laolu-Senbanjo-featured-in-Beyonce-s-Lemonade1In the monochrome section of the album, titled Apathy, Beyoncé’s background dancers are seen in intricate white body paint while riding in a bus and vibing to the album’s fourth track, “Sorry.”

Moments later, Beyoncé is also captured with a little body art; white dots have been cautiously placed above the curve of her eyebrows all the way from her lower eyelid to her cheeks.

According to Senbanjo, his body painting artwork is called, ‘Sacred Art of the Ori’, explaining that the origin of this practice derives from a spiritual Yoruba ritual.
Laolu-Senbanjo-featured-in-Beyonce-s-Lemonade3“In my language, Yoruba ‘Ori’ literally means your essence, your soul, your destiny,” Laolu explains in his artist statement. “When I work with a muse, the muse, their Ori, and I become one. It’s the deepest, most spiritual experience I’ve ever had with my art as an artist.”

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