N – Pidgen English

It is

Na dat time
That is the time

Na im
It is

Na so?
Is that how it is now? 2. Is that true?

Na una sabi
That’s your business not mine

Na you o!
You’re the man!

Pertaining to Nigeria 2. Nigerian citizen

Natin spoil
No trouble 2. No problem

Next tomorrow
Day after tomorrow

Did not e.g I giam chop e No chop. 2. Will not

No bi small
A lot

No bi?
Isn’t it?

No go
Will not

No how no how
One way or the other

No know
Not aware

No let
Do not allow e.g. No let am come here again

No money for pocket

No qualms
No problem (similar to no wahala)

No wan hear
Refusing instruction or advice

Placed at end of question for emphasis E.g Wetin dey do you now?

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