M.E.N.D. – as yet unauthenticated

On January 11, 2006 commencing 1000Hrs, forces of the movement for the emancipation of the Niger delt (M.E.N.D) attacked and destroyed oil installations in Bayelsa satate of the niger delta. THese installations include three pipelines blown up with explosives and one oil export tanker and naval escort vessels attacked with rocket propelled grenades, light machine guns and assault rifles.

The following foreign mercenaries were also captured by our forces in this attack; milko nichev (bulgarian), Harry ebanks( Honduras), patrick arnold landry(american), nigel watson clark(british).

This is sequel to the earlier warning attacks we carried out in december 2006, in andoni, okrika and bonny areas of rivers state. The intention of the earlier warning attacks was to recall to focus, the real issues of resource control in the niger delta andhighlight the repressive measures being taken by the government of nigeria against legitimate agitation by the impoverished and abused peoples of the niger delta.

That warning appears not to have achieved the desired results as there appears to be no shift in the governments position as regards the release of proponents of resource control held in disregard of the due process of law.

Such individuals include chf alamieseigha and alhaji asari. Rather the government of nigeria, rivers state and shell petroleum embarked on a campaign of public disinformationin an attempt to downplay our actions.

So far, we have shown remarkable regard for the loss of human life and deeply regret the deaths of our kin in the andoni explosions. Sadly though, they have become victims of the struggle we fight. To forstall a recurrence of this unfortunate loss, we herby appeal to all communities and fishing settlements around oil installations to immediately relocate, otherwise shift their boundries to a reasonable distance from these facilities.

We are capable and determined to destroy the ability of nigeria to export oil or other petroleum products for that matter. We use this medium to issue a first and final warning to the EU, particularly britain which we single out as an ally of the nigerian government in its repressive actions, to advice their citizens resident in the niger delta to leave at once as they have never been welcome on our soil.

For the safety of its citizens, the united states and other european nations with citizens on our soil will do well to advise these individuals to leave immediately.

Be warned that we have no desire or interest in abducting for ransome. All expartriates will be viewed as mercenaries and considered legitimate targets.

Finally, a note of warning goes to those amongst us who live by collaborating with the government and oil companies, a certain fate awaits you! It is obvious that the fraudulent and illegal impeachment of chf alamieseigha with the connivance of some traitors was not aimed at accountability but suppressing a voice for the oppressed peoples of the niger delta. For several years mr obasanjo and his gang has plundered our region with aid from western governments and therefore lacks moral foundation to pass judgement on even the most common of criminals.

We demand the immediate release of chf alamieseigha along with all assets confisticated by the british and their nigerian puppets. The ijaws alone have the right to decide who governs them and who owns what. It should be understood that we are a union of all armed groups in the niger delta, aligning to fight a common cause and enemy. We are devoid of political affiliation. Traitors such as goodluck and those who choose to associate with him and his illegal govt have no where to hide. We are fighting a just cause and require the prayers of all lovers of freedom and justice. Victory will be ours at whatever cost

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