H – Pidgen English

Dry and dusty winds from the Sahara during the dry season. 2. Financial hardship.

Head no correct
Mad, crazy 2. Eccentric e.g Why you dress laik yua head no correct

Understand a language 2. Obey instruction. 3. Comprehend what is being said.

Hear di smell
Smell the aroma

Hear word
Obey instruction. e.g. you no dey hear word

Heavy men
Tough guy

Hold belle
Prevent hunger e.g Abeg take dis chin-chin hold belle till yam cook

How bodi?
How are you? See How now

How e bi?
How is it?

How now?
How are you? See How bodi

How pepper ?
How are you financially?

Hungry man
Poor man. see also Suffer man

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