Facebook And Global App Testing Are Organising Nigeria’s First “Testathon”

I you clicked that headline wondering what a Testathon is, it’s like a Hackathon, but for app testers. Global App Testing is partnering with Facebook to organise Nigeria’s first Testathon, and it’s holding on Sunday, June 26. Owais Peer, co-founder of Global App Testing recognised that testers typically aren’t treated as part of the developer community. “A lot of our tester community have told us they don’t get invited to hackathons, despite it being such an important part of the developer community”.

The testers who take part in the Lagos Testathon event will try their hardest to break three apps: Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram, and they’ll get to meet with QA rockstars from previous Testathons, and learn how they test. The Global App testing team is also offering prizes in a bunch of categories, like ‘Best QA’. ‘Best Security Bug’ and ‘Best Quality Bug Report’.

“We’ll have 50 testers from Lagos all competing to find bugs in some great apps”, Owais said. “We’ve organised events with Dropbox in San Francisco, Spotify in Stockholm and now it’s time for Facebook in Lagos. The support from the testing community has been great…It’ll be a big challenge to find great bugs on the day but when you put together the best testers in the world, you’re bound to find something”.

Welp. Only 50 of you will be selected and allowed into the venue: Intercontinental Hotel, VI, Lagos. If you think you’re up to it, you can visit testathon.co to apply.

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