militants highlight woes amid wealth

“We ARE not terrorists,” screamed a black-masked militant brandishing an assault rifle. “We are freedom fighters!” He had arrived minutes earlier in a motorboat bristling with machine-guns and rocket-propelled grenades held by fighters in camouflage body armour and balaclavas. White … read more

US lists human rights abuses by Nigerian forces

(Reuters) – Nigerian security forces carried out political murders and other extra-judicial killings in 2005 and used excessive force in their actions against criminals or protesters, the U.S. Department of State said in a report. Six years after military dictatorship … read more

Nigeria lawyers strike for rights

Lawyers in Nigeria have begun a two-day boycott of court proceedings. The Nigerian Bar Association says the protest is over the “failure of the government to comply with court orders and the violation of human rights”. Association President Lanke Odogiyon … read more

Bird Flu Update

Following our last Bird Flu Notification authorities have confirmed positive cases of Bird Flu in the Bori Camp Area in Port-Harcourt. The Federal authorities in conjunction with the State Government have taken steps to prevent further spread by culling all … read more

Militants Dare ExxonMobil Again

Militants in the Niger Delta at the weekend vowed to inflict serious damage on the operations of ExxonMobil if the company fails to compensate victims of the 1998 devastating oil spill after the expiration of a 21-day ultimatum. The renewed … read more

MPs back third term move

An influential group of Nigerian MPs has voted in favour of changing the constitution to allow presidents to run for a third term in office. The recommendation by a committee of both houses of parliament is a major step towards … read more


The Nationwide Census will take place during period 21-25 March 2006. Whilst there are lots of rumours making the rounds about what restrictions will apply; other than the dates of the Census nothing has been issued officially. We are making … read more

Youths storm SUN office

Ijaw militant youths, after the bloodbath in Delta State on Thursday, stormed the SUN office in Warri, threatening that they are ready to lay down their lives instead of allowing the three foreign nationals to go home alive. The youths … read more