Power outages will continue

Low electricity generation in the country may continue for a while, as the Federal Government said Wednesday that gas currently being supplied to the power stations from the vandalized two gas pipelines in the Niger Delta, has been contaminated, thus … read more

UK Passport Changes

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and UK Passport Service (UKPS) have been working closely on the development of biometric passports. From April 2006 the Foreign and Commonwealth Office will initiate a programme to rollout Biometric passport producing equipment to … read more

Census Update

Below is a summary of the Presidents statement to the stakeholder�s conference held yesterday at State House: President Olusegun Obasanjo has said that there would be restriction of movement of people for two days (Friday March 24 and Saturday the … read more

Computer Security

Did you know that Web sites can snag a copy of what’s on your Windows clipboard? Neither did I, until now. Only works in Internet Explorer on the Windows platform. It reportedly works with varied success when IE is running … read more

U.S. & U.K, Meet Militants� Negotiator

Abuja has tied the re-opening of closed oil wells in the Niger Delta to the release of the three remaining abducted expatriates. But there are indications that the dialogue initiated by the hostage takers, the Movement for Emancipation of Niger … read more

Census Air Travel Update

Following the planned restriction in movement during the National Census period of Tuesday 21st through Friday 24th March 2006, we are pleased to advise you of Travel during the Census period as follows: DOMESTIC TRAVEL Aero Contractors and Virgin Nigeria … read more

Militants separate oil worker hostages

Reuters) – Nigerian militants said on Wednesday they had separated three foreign oil workers in their captivity for strategic reasons, but did not intend to kill them. The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta has been holding two … read more