Militants say oil attacks to continue

Nigerian militants who released four foreign hostages on Monday said they would continue their attacks on the oil industry with the aim of reducing 30 percent of Nigeria’s exports in February. The group, whose six-week campaign of violence crippled a … read more

Uncertainty over hostages!

EIGHTEEN days after they were taken hostage by militants in the Niger-Delta, the fate of the four expatriate oil workers appeared uncertain, yesterday, as their captors said they had no intention of releasing them and threatened more could be captured … read more


Nigerian security officials on Friday released a photograph of four western hostages which had been passed to them by separatist militants, 16 days after the oil workers were taken prisoner. The image, believed to be several days old, shows the … read more

Newspaper reports 4 more hostages taken

We are confused by this report and can’t get confirmation from any other source. As people are already talking about it we thought we’d post it. Can anyone shed any light on this? From today’s Guardian Newspaper… FOUR more hostages … read more


Nigerian agents hunting a gang which kidnapped four foreign workers interrogated three suspects Wednesday as the country’s huge oil industry reeled from the latest bloody attack on its facilities. The kidnap — combined with a series of violent attacks on … read more

Villagers flee delta

Villagers fled Nigeria’s lawless delta on Wednesday amid fears of military reprisals after a wave of attacks on foreign oil companies by ethnic Ijaw militia. The army deployed more troops to key installations and oil companies tightened security around their … read more