Health Care

Healthcare In Nigeria

The lack of high-standard healthcare in Nigeria is one serious drawback that expats and assignees have to begrudgingly accept. Though state-run hospitals, general hospitals, local dispensaries, and private and non-governmental clinics exist, very few of them would qualify as offering … read more


Malaria is a serious, sometimes fatal, illness. It is endemic in sub-Saharan Africa and causes over 1 million deaths every year. Malaria is particularly dangerous for pregnant women and children under 1 year. Malaria is an acute disease caused by … read more


THE DISEASE Cholera is an intestinal infection. The bacterium is spread through food or water that has been contaminated by the feces of an infected person. One to five days after infection, patients develop severe, painless, watery diarrhea, often called … read more

Tumbu Flies

Tumbu flies, Cordylobia arthropophaga, lay their eggs on wet clothing, bedding, outdoor furniture, and in the soil or sand. Within two days, larvae hatch and can remain alive for up to two weeks. During that time, if they come into … read more