Street Photographer Travels Around Nigeria Capturing Its Positivity And Diversity

At this point it’s really no secret that Nigeria is constantly painted in a bad light by the media – just a few months ago, the US declared well over half of our states completely unsafe for travel.

Well, Devesh Uba, a Nigeria-based photography enthusiast is using his photo blog to lean on the positive – most notably the infectious joy of the average Nigerian – that aren’t typically highlighted.

Devesh, an Indian street photographer was so inspired by the vividness and diversity he witnessed when he first came to Nigeria, that he started Snap It Oga, a photo blog where he shares his perspective on Nigerian daily life.

Since Devesh hasn’t lived in Nigeria for a long time, what he brings to the table are a fresh set of eyes that allow him to see and highlight its often overlooked positive aspects – by showcasing its people and their energetic hustle.


Watchmaker in Badagry (Photo: Snap It Oga)


Fashion and Conversations in Badagry (Photo: Snap It Oga)


Returning home after school in Zaria (Photo: Snap It Oga)


More colours from IITA in Ibadan (Photo: Snap It Oga)


Roadside Art in Lagos (Photo: Snap It Oga)


Tarkwa Bay in Lagos (Photo: Snap It Oga)


Shina Bakare singing Fela Kuti (Photo: Snap It Oga)


Boat in Badagry (Photo: Snap It Oga)

Check out the rest of Devesh Uba’s pictures on his website and his Instagram.


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