Militants Attack Again

The militants in Nigeria have intensified their attacks on oil companies. The police chief in Nigeria has confirmed that another oil installation has been attacked. Media reports say that Agip, a unit of Italy’s ENI, was attacked buy the attackers … read more

Militants: No deal on hostages

Nigerian militants holding four foreign hostages disassociated themselves on Monday from “bounty hunters” talking with the government on their behalf, and said the captive oil workers would not be released. Government officials had on Sunday raised hopes of a release … read more

Rebels: We’ll hold hostages for years

LAGOS, Nigeria (Reuters) — Ethnic militants holding four foreign oil workers hostage in the Niger Delta threatened on Sunday to keep them for years if necessary and repeated demands for Nigeria to free two Ijaw leaders. The Movement for the … read more

Kidnappers Are Terrorists ?U.S.

The crisis in the Niger-Delta region further deteriorated yesterday with officials of the United States of America insisting that the militant youths who kidnapped oil workers were in fact terrorists. With that stance, the US has ruled out the possibility … read more

Hostages ‘not threatened’

Nigerian militants who kidnapped four foreign oil workers a week ago have dropped a Thursday deadline for their demands to be met, they say. They say the four – from the UK, US, Honduras and Bulgaria – will not be … read more

Hostages speak to journalist

The kidnappers told Reuters via telephone late on Thursday their U.S. hostage Patrick Landry was gravely ill and threatened to kill three other foreign oil workers if he died. They allowed the hostages — who also include a Briton, a … read more

Niger Delta: U.S. May Delay Troops Deployment

Armed conflict in the Niger Delta may stalk plans to deploy American marines to the region, military officials have said in Washington. Pentagon sources confirmed that officials are reviewing an agreement with Nigeria that would have marines protect oil facilities … read more

Militants hijack oil vessels, boat

The security situation in the Niger Delta worsened on Tuesday night with two separate onslaughts by militants on oil production and export infrastructure. One attack involved the hijack of two oil vessels and a tugboat at the Jones Creeks in … read more

Militant threat

MEND has said it will target other oil installations if its demands are not met by tomorrow (20TH). The group is demanding the release of its leader Mujahid Dokubo-Asari from prison, a 1.5 billion dollar penalty for Shell?s pollution of … read more