UK & US unite against 3rd term bid

NIGERIA’S future, especially next year’s presidential elections, has continued to feature widely in official and diplomatic circles in both the United States (U.S.) and Britain. However, both western governments have resolved to adopt different strategies to achieve the same goal: … read more

Nigeria testing dead flocks for bird flu

Farms in northern Nigeria are destroying thousands of chickens that have died in the past few days as laboratories seek to determine the cause of the deaths, authorities said on Tuesday. Researchers at two laboratories testing samples from the dead … read more

Nigerian MPs burn Denmark’s flag

Nigerian MPs cheered in the northern majority Muslim state of Kano as Danish and Norwegian flags were burned in a ceremony in the parliament premises. The flags were torched to show disapproval of the publication in Denmark and Norway of … read more

Obasanjo Tackles Ministers

“My attention has recently been drawn to an ensuing trend of misuse and abuse in the implementation of the Monetisation Policy as it pertains to use of pool vehicles. A number of Ministers, Special Advisers and Permanent Secretaries have allocated … read more

No Deal With Hostage Takers, Says Govt

CONTRARY to widespread speculations, the Federal Government has stated that it did not negotiate any terms with the militiamen for the release of four expatriate oil workers in the Niger Delta. Rather, the government says it only showed the militiamen … read more

Delta Ijaw raise the alarm over raid

The Ijaw of Delta State on Thursday raised fresh alarm of alleged plans by the security operatives to raid their communities in search of those responsible for the recent criminal activities in the riverside areas of the Niger Delta. Specifically, … read more