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CENSUS 2006: Get counted where you are

SEVENTY-two hours to take off of the 2006 head count, indications wax stronger that the nation�s economy will be virtually shut down as governments, state and federal take steps to ensure Nigerians get counted where they live and work, and … read more

Census Update

latest information regarding the Census as it affects Lagos State. The information comes from within the State Government. You will note that the restriction on movement between Tue and Fri is contrary to the information provided from the Federal Government. … read more

Armed Robbery at Diamond Bank

At about 1130 hours yesterday, 17/03/06 there was an Armed Robbery Attack at DIAMOND BANK by ITT in OFZ. The group of about ten men wearing military/mopol and civil dressing, armed with AK47 came with a Mini Bus. They shot … read more

Sabotage against an oil pipeline

Sabotage against an oil pipeline in the Niger Delta of Nigeria forced the shutdown of production, Italian energy company Eni SpA said Saturday. The Nigerian Agip Oil Company informed Eni that on Friday night there was an “act of sabotage” … read more

Power outages will continue

Low electricity generation in the country may continue for a while, as the Federal Government said Wednesday that gas currently being supplied to the power stations from the vandalized two gas pipelines in the Niger Delta, has been contaminated, thus … read more

UK Passport Changes

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and UK Passport Service (UKPS) have been working closely on the development of biometric passports. From April 2006 the Foreign and Commonwealth Office will initiate a programme to rollout Biometric passport producing equipment to … read more