Update on hostages & Shell

Hostages are being held in Amutu, Delta State (info from Bayelsa Joint Task Force Shell representative and Ecodrill Country Manager)

American Citizen Services Warden in Warri said ambulances were at the airport accepting injured from continued fighting in the creeks

Shell evacuated all facilities except offshore and Forcados terminal. The flowstations will continue to produce as long as they can without human intervention.

At least 12 soldiers are reported dead so far, 1 Shell employee (Nigerian), and 5 wounded. 5 people are still unaccounted for.

Consulate rep. returned from Warri today with no new news. E-mail from MEND originated from an IP address in South Africa.

Nigerian military sent a chopper over the conflict area to continue the search for the hostages.

There is question over the welfare of one of the hostages. All reports, however, are unconfirmed.

AmCit captive Patrick Landry DPOB previously reported in Lagos 39 is incorrect. Correct info: Patrick Arnold Landry (8/23/1945, New Iberia, LA)

Mbachu Dulue, the AP Journalist who took the interview with the captives, continues to send in reports (latest on the Shell evacuation).

A meeting at Tidex with USG officials set for 1pm today.

British consular officer still in Bayelsa State. DHC is advising the High Commissioner to correspond with the GON to request more transparency and clearance to bring in advisory teams to help with the investigations.

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