Internet gains ground in Nigeria

TV and radio continue to dominate the media landscape in Nigeria, although the internet is gaining ground steadily and in Lagos, at least, penetration is on a par with newspapers.

According to the 2017/18 edition of the Nigerian Media Advertising Guide, from media advertising agency Media Perspectives, TV and radio penetration stands at 95% and 96% respectively, with the equivalent internet figure climbing from 37% to 55% over the past four years.

In Lagos, internet penetration is even greater, at 66%, and comparable to newspapers (68%). Internet usage is highest among the young and middle-aged demographics, which, the Guide noted, are increasingly considered very important in terms of purchasing power.

It further reported that there are more than 160 terrestrial TV stations in the country with the government-owned and partly commercial NTA owning 107 of them, including 48 network platforms; 37 TV channels are also owned by state governments.

Africa Independent Television is the largest private TV network, followed by Silverbird Television, while DSTV is among the top cable TV providers with over 130 channels and the widest penetration in major urban areas.

This year has seen the country move from analogue to digital television broadcasting and the report suggested business owners and advertisers consider consolidating on Pay TV, which has become increasingly affordable due to the availability of low-end consumer platforms and the cost of data.

There are some 290 radio stations across the country, with most states having one that functions as the government’s mouthpiece and many private radio stations serving particular areas.

The Guide reported that radio listenership via mobile devices is increasingly common, “particularly among youth and artisans”.

Turning to media spending, the Guide highlighted some major gaps in the data – including digital investment and sponsorships – while also observing that the rate of media inflation is driven more by capital and operational expenditures than audience ratings.

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