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Dear OOLer

Oyibos OnLine would like to thank all of our readers for your interest in Chief’s Briefs and the support that has made this daily publication possible.

However, Chief’s Briefs will soon be available by paid subscription only.  Server load, storage space and time schedules are now making it impossible for us to continue this service without some financial support from its readers.   For this reason, in a few weeks, we will be asking you to pay a small subscription if you would like to continue reading Chief’s Briefs every day.  Check out the new archives at:  

Background:   The Chief’s Briefs service was established almost a year ago to provide daily access to information whether the reader is from a small or large company, or just an interested individual.  We have priced it accordingly.  Other companies and agencies, in and around Nigeria, charge a small  king’s ransom for similar updates and alerts.  These costs put vital information beyond the reach of many. While we are very good at what we do  - we are not so extraordinary that we can continue to provide a service entirely for free.

As the OOL sites have continued to grow – so have the overheads.  In order to keep the main site free and open for all, we now ask those of you who benefit from the briefs to register and pay a small monthly or annual amount to support a site that has become a regular part of your day.

Factoid:   Access the entire Chief’s Briefs website for just $25 a month.  Sign up for a full year and receive 33% discount.  12 months of service: only $200

Comment:   Chief’s Briefs and Oyibos OnLine will still be the only 24/7 service keeping you up to date on what you need to know about Nigeria.  We hope you will choose to continue to read and enjoy the original and the best online guide for expatriates living and working in Nigeria.  After all – where else will you get news, views and opinions that matter, all of it wrapped up in sarcastic social commentary and finished off with a big purple WTF bow?

Feedback:   We would appreciate if you could indicate your interest or intentions regarding this change in policy  – as failure to secure sufficient numbers will see the service suspended.  You feedback and opinion is important to us – so do e-mail us and tell us what you think. 

Chief Oyibo



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